Tassimo Coffee Maker Guide

Tassimo coffee maker is truly an innovative device and can be considering a coffee maker/espresso maker in one. Bosch Tassimo coffee maker was created for the sole purpose of producing excellent gourmet coffee and Tassimo’s unique design makes it a much easier proposition than other coffee makers on the market. Tassimo Coffee Maker offers a number of unique features that set it apart from the competition. Here are some of those unique features.

Tassimo Coffee Maker Guide

Tassimo Coffee Maker  utilize a patented technology called Vapor compression. Invented by Dr. Jose Maria & Dr. Carlos Serrano Gavilanes, the Tassimo utilizes a water tank that stores vapor until the user manually turns it on. Once the water tank reaches a temperature high enough to vaporize coffee, the coffee brew occurs with very little involvement on the part of the consumer. Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine uses a pod coffee system in which pre-ground coffee is put into pods and the Tassimo machine heats up the pre-ground coffee and brews it right then and there.

Tassimo Coffee Maker have many benefits. It allows you to brew two cups at once because each cup of coffee is brewed independently. The Tassimo also eliminates the need to measure grounds because the Tassimo Coffee Maker does it all for you. When the coffee is brewed, Tassimo places the hot coffee into a special chamber within the Tassimo head that contains an airtight seal that prevents the coffee from spilling or splattering.

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Tassimo Coffee Maker

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Tassimo Coffee Machines utilize pre-ground coffee pods that can be purchased at almost any grocery store. Tassimo machines also use pod filters that must be replaced approximately every three months. The Tassimo manual states that the pod filters should be replaced approximately every six months. Some manufacturers do not recommend replacement of the Tassimo filters, while others say that the Tassimo filters are disposable and can be replaced. Tassimo also sells coffee pods that are made specifically for their Tassimo machines, and these Tassimo coffee pods can last longer than traditional coffee pods.

Tassimo Coffee Maker also makes other types of beverages besides just coffee; however, their beverages are more expensive than the generic blends. Tassimo machines offers tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, and even flavored coffees and teas. Many of these beverages are only offered at specialty coffee shops. Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2 also offers a variety of gourmet flavored syrups and creams.

Tassimo Coffee Maker has expanded into the health food market with their T-Disc program. T-Discs allow users to have coffee that is prepared in their own kitchen, but one that has been prepared with organic, natural ingredients. Tassimo Coffee Maker T Discs can be purchased at most grocery stores as a reusable coffee bag. Some restaurants have also started offering the Tassimo T Discs for purchase, which are available at grocery stores and at restaurants where gourmet coffee is served.

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