Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, What Should I Do?

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse. I get the annoying signal every time I try to flip the switch. It is a real pain, knowing that the moment I rise from my bed I am going to have to start my breakfast all over again. I am lucky that I have not yet spent thousands of dollars on a brand new microwave, but I do have some good old fashioned advice to help you make sure your device is working properly.

My Frustrated Microwave Keeps Blowing a fuse

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, My first step in diagnosing my microwave’s problem was checking the power switch. I found that the power had not been shut off completely, and all three wires were still connected. Was this a sign of a fuse blowing? Yes, I knew it must be, so I unsnapped the fuses, popped them back in place, turned up the oven and cooked everything normally as normal.

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, After about an hour, the smoke detector went off. The smoke detector said that there was a fuse in the microwave that had not been properly installed. It was a triple A battery, which should have been installed by a licensed electrician. I called Bob the handyman and told him what had happened, and he told me that it was probably a gregh problem, and that it would take at least 10,216 volts to break the three wires, which would then trip the breaker.

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, What Should I Do? Home appliances

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, So, my next step was to take apart my four year-old microwave, and to check to see if there were any signs of damage. Of course, I already knew that something had to be done about the blowing fuse, so when I saw that the join date was fast approaching, I knew I had to get to work before the clock ran out. I unplugged the appliance from the wall, removed the batteries, disconnected the cord, and placed the batteries back in. Then I checked the fuse holder, and sure enough, there were no signs of damage, so I left it alone. About an hour later, I got home from work, and when I tried to turn it on, I discovered that the battery was a few minutes late, and that the fuse had blown.

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Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, So, as you can see, I had some help, but the outcome is what I wanted, so I am the one responsible for this mess. Here’s how I cleaned it up: I bought some heat shrink wrap online, and I wrapped the entire thing in a clear plastic sheet. Then, all I had to do was tape the plastic wrapping to the metal connections, and to the ceiling. Then, when the timer went off, I checked the battery, which was a few minutes late too, and I found that the battery was also a few minutes late, so I just replaced the fuse. Well, it turned out that I was the one who kept blowing the microwave’s fuse, so I guess I learned my lesson…

Microwave Keeps Blowing a Fuse, After reading through all of this, it makes me wonder how anyone can operate such an inefficient device, much less keep it running without problems. The answer might be very simple, but it doesn’t come as easily as I would have liked. My advice would be to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and to pay attention to the manufacturers’ warnings and warranty guidelines. Follow them to the letter! If you don’t feel confident about following the manufacturers’ instructions, then at least get some extra guidance from someone who knows more than you do. Someone like a microwave expert, or someone with experience with microwave repairs.

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